Welcome to 2015!

The New Year means nothing more than that you are alive. You’ve made it farther than many, something you should never take for granted. Each day is a gift, not a gift from God, but a gift from yourself; you’ve held on.

We are survivors, warriors of 2014 and all years prior.

Don’t look back on things that you could have done differently or things that you wish you hadn’t done at all. You can’t control your past and you can’t control the future. This current moment in time is all you have.

If we can control nothing more than the current moment in which we are alive, why as humans are we so easily distracted from the moment?

In each present experience you were only aware of that experience. You were never aware of being aware. You were never able to separate the thinker from the thought, the knower from the known. All you ever found was a new thought, a new experience.
— Alan Watts; The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety

Open your mind to understand what a moment truly is and live it. Live each and every moment to its fullest capacity. Become conscious and experience life naturally.

Marissa Pane

New York