Be Alone, Never Lonely


There are many days when it feels like life is throwing too much at me.

There are more times than not, that I wonder if I’ve made the right choices.

I am forced to ask myself constantly, “Can I really handle this on my own?”.

I’ve always said I do better by myself, that I don’t need anyone around me. However, I own a company that claims that we aren’t meant to be alone.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this lately and have tried to understand my contradictory mindset. The result: We are strong enough to be alone, but we are not built to be lonely.

Being alone helps us find ourselves. We need time to collect our experience of life and process it for what it truly is.  This time should last no more than a moment.

Look past the surface and realize that you are alive.

If you find yourself processing your experiences as negativity, your moment is up.

Reflect on life as a whole, all negative moments have a greater impact than what is on the surface. The hardships we have faced strengthened our souls. We became who we are through a collective effort of positive and negative moments. Look past the surface and realize that you are alive.

Many people look past this simple fact. Remind your family, friends, and strangers that even with every unique experience that we all hold, we will always have one thing in common – We are alive.

That is enough to bring anyone together.  

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