Accountability, Education, & Community For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Accountability, Education, & Community For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

You need time for self-care if you’re going to change the world, babe.

If you’re new here, you’re going to quickly find out that I’m all about maintaining your mental health while running a successful heart-centered business.

As an entrepreneur with depression and anxiety, I totally get how important it is to be in the right mindset and the best headspace if you’re going to create new content that will better the world we live in.

Burn-out, overwhelm, fear, stress, and anxiety attacks can stop us in our tracks from moving forward in our business. These setbacks can stop us from launching a big idea or it could freeze us from ever transitioning from being a hobbyist to a business owner. Following our passions is great, but if your passion is taking all your time and it’s not making you money - it’s just a hobby, sister!

Reading personal development books, attending self-help seminars, and investing in women empowerment courses are adequate steps to maintaining a positive mindset and outlook on life, but without action, you’re just throwing away those dollar-dollar bills, yo.

Personally, I’ve thrown thousands of dollars into online training, coaches, and live events that claimed they would help uplevel my life. At the moment they were happening, I was in a high vibrational frequency with whomever I was with, but a week after the investment, the training, or the event, I fell back to baseline. I didn’t follow through on the actions to create a powerful change in my life.

As it turns out, my main problem is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Being someone with anxiety, I feel an absolute need to not let my mentors, elders, or teachers down if I’ve made the commitment to do something - add a financial investment to the picture, my commitment is truly at the forefront of my mind.

Being someone with depression, I lose motivational all too quickly and present myself with the excuse that “I’ll get to that tomorrow”. I can’t count how many times I’ve moved the same task on my to-do list to the next day… and the next day… and the next day.

Are you in the same boat?

Let’s do this together, then!

Every Friday I send out an email, The Collective, to subscribers of my podcast Shining From The Shadows. In addition to providing you with alerts of new podcast episodes, links to the books I’m reading (that you’re totally going to want to add to your reading list), highlighting members of The Collective, and giving you personal updates to my life and business… I’m also now offering monthly accountability check-in / business trainings!

The best part is The Collective is totally free to sign up for!

The monthly business training with accountability check-ins will ONLY be available to those subscribed to The Collective, so make sure you sign up to learn more about the next training.

To ensure you that I will be providing the best content and to ensure that you SHOW UP and actually DO THE WORK - these monthly training will be $19.00 each.

I’ll provide all the nitty-gritty details when you subscribe to The Collective, so if you want to learn more about these training and become a subscriber to my free weekly emails, sign up below!

What you can expect from being a member of The Collective:

  • A weekly dose of FREE content

    • Book recommendations

    • Life & business updates (A real peek behind the curtain on who I am and how I run my business)

    • A chance to be featured in the weekly newsletter for free business exposure and the opportunity to expand your audience

  • Monthly highlights and key takeaways from the paid trainings

What you can expect from enrolling in the paid Monthly Trainings:

  • Access to all previously recorded trainings

  • A re-occuring monthly payment of $19.00 with the option of cancelling for free at any time

  • 60-Minute live trainings every month on a variety of business / personal development topics that include

    • Downloadable PDF homework to create ACTION in your business after being INSPIRED (not required, but totally recommended!)

    • Live Q+A sessions so you can ask your questions about the current month’s training material

  • Unlimited email access to me so you can turn in your homework and receive free bite-sized coaching nuggets

  • Access to my private Facebook group to connect with other members of The Collective and find your own personal accountability buddy

  • Bonus surprise guest co-hosted trainings (That’s right! Some month’s you’ll get TWO live trainings for the price of one!)

How exciting is this?! I’m SO excited and feeling super blessed to have received this divine download from God about this idea.

And remember, access to these trainings is ONLY available to members of The Collective.

Use the form below to sign up for free!