How Being Assaulted Showed Me That The Universe Has My Back

I was assaulted after leaving work this week and normally panic would set in, my anxiety would sky rocket and the world around me would turn black. But not in this instance. I felt like everything around me was weightless.  I knew that a higher power, a source greater than I was in control of the situation. Spirit proved its point to me and asserted itself as the only thing that can save us. It's my job to share this knowledge with you so you too can live in a life of love.

I was assaulted this week.

You read that correctly.

I left work as I normally do at around 5pm and was just beginning my walk through the streets of Manhattan to get to my final destination, Grand Central Station.

I didn't even walk 40 feet outside of my workplace, when a man grabbed my head, slammed his bags into my face and wouldn't let me go, or pass him which I was originally trying to do.

Don't worry, I'm totally okay and wasn't hurt at all.

In fact, I was eerily calm about the whole situation.

Normally panic would set in, my anxiety would skyrocket and the world around me would turn black. In this instance, I felt like everything around me became soft, numb and weightless.

I instinctively knew that a higher power, a source greater than I, was in control of the situation.

It was almost as if someone whispered, "Don't worry, you're going to be unharmed." into my ear before I was grabbed by this stranger.

I'm a student of Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass and let's just say that if there was any doubt in the back of my mind that her teachings were a bunch of bologna, that doubt is GONE.

I believe fully that the universe has our backs.

This occurrence not only deepened my belief in God or a higher power, but it also showed me through the reactions of others, that there is so much more work to be done in the world!

Everyone who heard what had happened to me reacted in the same way. They all told me how they would have started screaming, fighting back, or in some cases be afraid to walk the rest of the way home. 

No one could understand how I let it happen and move on as if nothing had happened. 

They don't understand my reaction because they've separated themselves from love over the years. In fact, you probably have too. We all have and it takes a conscious continuous effort to return to love. 

I was fortunate enough to have released responsibility from my own self onto the universe, who has a much greater plan than what any of us could ever conceive.

There are so many others, perhaps yourself included, who are living in fear and denying a life based on love.

As an immediate response to this awakening - I'm opening the doors to the online course, 4 Hours To A More Fulfilling Lifestyle™, now!

The world is a frightening place and although I hope no one reading this ever experiences a situation like mine, I want you to be prepared if you do.

By being prepared, I'm referring to having the knowledge of what a life in love as opposed to fear looks like.

The choice is yours. All it takes is a simple click to start your journey on living your life as your greatest self.

I hope this information served you and please at the very least, read the free preview in module 3, I provided you with here.

Enjoy + stay safe! 

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