A Message From My Soul (Major Update)

My soul has been calling out to me, begging me to listen and take its advice. This brand doesn’t light me up any longer. My story no longer serves me.

I began SPIES to enter the world of mental health advocacy. I wanted to share my story with anyone who needed it and I wanted to be the guiding light that showed that recovery from mental illness is possible.

As badly as I wish to serve people with my story, I feel that I have strayed away from this core message and can no longer serve the mental health community through this brand.

My mental health is stable, but I do not follow a recovery plan. I drink wine like a fish, I haven’t been to a therapist or psychiatrist in years, I know nothing about my medication other than that I’ve been on it from day one and it’s what has always worked for me. When people drone on about how much their life sucks because of their mental illness and are unwilling to dive deeper and see that they have the power to change themselves, I roll my eyes so far back inside my head I can see my brain.

Of course, if you are in crisis mode, I want to help you get the attention and medical care that you need. And if you are in recovery and are looking for a small boost of motivation along the way, I’m your girl. But if you’re in the depths of dealing with your depression, anxiety, or eating disorder – I can no longer help you.

The negative attitudes, the unwillingness to change, and the pure low-vibe energy you’re transmitting into the world is not healthy for me to take in. Not to mention it’s detrimental to your own health.

What I have been doing for the past year is trying to fuse together my two passions – helping people to see that life is worth living and personal/spiritual development.  It worked to a point, but my soul is crying out for me to let go, separate, or move on.

I was accepted into the Crisis Text Line volunteer program and will now be serving part one of my passion through that outlet.

As for part two, that is where SPIES will be going. I’m not sure if SPIES will forever be known as SPIES. I might just transition everything over to my name so there is no confusion. But regardless of what the new brand will be called, it will be for my passion of personal and spiritual development.

If you want to grow yourself spiritually and mentally, stay tuned.

If you are solely here because you need mental health support from a survivor and woo-woo ideas make you uncomfortable, I kindly ask you to part ways with me now.

I’m done with trying to fit myself into such a small box where I am confined to only sharing helpful information if it pertains to anxiety. Tarot helps me immensely when it comes to decision making, but I’m sure as hell not going to write a blog post about how tarot can ease anxiety. It could work but it’s a damn stretch.

I want to give you everything I’ve got. I want to lay out all the tools in my tool belt and I’m going to be honest, there’s some weird shit in those pockets. Conventional wisdom is not what’s served me over the years, so why should I relay that information to you?

You deserve so much more than cookie cutter ideas.

All aspects and branches of this brand (the podcast, the blog, digital products, coaching offers, etc.) will transition over to this new idea.

Obviously, as someone who does live with anxiety and depression I will occasionally bring these topics up, but the conversations held in the future are not going to be caged in or labeled for specific needs.

I want to help your soul.

I want to help you, a human being, live your best life while on this planet.

If you made it all the way to here, thank you. I know you’ll be along for the ride and I’m sending you so much love and gratitude.

Marissa Panè