Starting Fresh

SPIES logo 2013

So you may be wondering where that well-known black and white triangle over to the right went....

What's up with this new logo, new color palette, and website re-design?

Keep reading and you'll find out!

When SPIES was started in 2013 - it was nothing more than a clothing line run by two teenagers who had no idea where their ideas could take them. I designed the original logo in less than 10 minutes and started slapping it onto t-shirts and digital graphics all aiming to spread mental health awareness. At the time we didn't even realize we were promoting mental health awareness. We just had the goal of showing others that they were not alone. We both had depression and anxiety and knew that if we hadn't had support during our rough patches, there was a good chance that we wouldn't be alive. We wanted to make sure that those who had no support at home - could find support in us.

Fast forward a year and the ideas kept coming but money was depleting. We couldn't keep up with our minds and our personal issues started to get in the way of what could have been an amazing company. SPIES Clothing had died. 

Months later SPIESFitToFight was given a chance as SPIES's re-birth.

It was actually this time last year when transitioned to It was my idea of a 're-brand'. I tried to stay connected to the audience we once had, but I was now on my own. I attempted to get back in touch with the followers who we left behind when SPIES went on a hiatus. My efforts failed and I started to see a decline in people who looked to SPIES for help. 

The decline destroyed me. SPIES was my child, I had built it from the ground up and now that I was a one-woman show it was just going to disappear? No way. I wouldn't let that happen. 

I took a step back and realized that clothing isn't what made people flock to our company, it was our message, our raw honest truth, and our openness to connect with strangers who just needed someone to talk to. was now going to be an online platform dedicated to providing support to those who are struggling with mental illness, along with people who have reached recovery and are now looking to connect with individuals who are in need of support.

This internal change happened around a year ago (which I'm sure the SPIES audience is familiar with) but we never changed the way we looked from the outside. The branding was vague and still embodied the failure of SPIESClothing. 

That is... until now....

SPIESFitToFight logo 2016

SPIESFitToFight logo 2016

     SPIESFitToFight alternate logo 2016


SPIESFitToFight alternate logo 2016

Green is the color of mental health awareness and yellow symbolizes hope.

One in five adult Americans suffer from a mental illness and I am one in five. It seemed to be fate that SPIES is five letters and 'i' is smack dab in the center. The 'I' in both words show that there is always one among every five people who have an incredible story to share and that same person can be the source of hope for us all.

You will now see our new color scheme along with the one-in-five branding throughout the entire website and all of our social media channels. 


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
-Marissa Panè

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