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Episode 026: Why Courage, Persistence, and Resilience Are Essential In Your Life with Ruby Fremon

Today’s episode is very special, as I had the pleasure of interviewing my personal coach, Ruby Fremon. Ruby is a coach for the new generation of thought leaders. She is a Top Breakthrough Coach for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight. Her no-bullshit approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition and doubt into absolute confidence. She’s the real deal, people.

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Episode 025: Ever wonder how mindfulness and meditation became so mainstream?

Ever wonder how mindfulness and meditation became so mainstream? Think about it, ten years ago when you went to a bookstore looking for meditation books, they were only in the spirituality section. Now you’ll find them in the business section, the science section, the self-help section, the spirituality section, and who knows where else.

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Episode 023: Change Your Storyline, Change Your Life with Jamie Lerner

When you change your storyline, you change your life. Jamie Lerner, a wellbeing therapist and co-author of the book The Ever-Loving Essence of You joined Marissa Pane on Shining From The Shadows for Episode 023.  

In this episode we speak about looking into your past, acceptance, forgiveness, and changing the story in which you are living your life by.

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Episode 021: My Biggest Takeaway From Art School

Did you know I went to school for graphic design? Yeah, that was a waste of two years and a crap ton of money. But hey, I did walk away with one very valuable lesson... the importance of whitespace.

Nope, I'm not talking about whitespace in your designs, I'm talking about the importance of clearing out things in your life.

Tune into the first solo episode, or as I will call them, Soul Chats, to listen in on this valuable lesson. Enjoy!

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Episode 020: How Anxiety Has Become Her Entrepreneurial Superpower with Jessica Rodriguez

What happens when you believe that “becoming your own boss” would fix your lifetime battle with anxiety -- only to find yourself in the lowest place you’ve ever been?

According to Jessica Rodriguez, you break the entrepreneurial status quo by creating a business that works for your life, instead of a life that works for your business.

Business strategist, Jessica Rodriguez and I discuss anxiety and how it when from hurting her business to helping her succeed.

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Episode 019: Creating Holl & Lane Magazine, A Sanctuary For Soul-Filled Stories With Sarah Hartley 

On today’s episode, I talk with Sarah Hartley the creator and editor in chief of Holl & Lane Magazine about how she created this Sanctuary For Soul-Filled Stories. Sarah brought this idea to life four years ago while taking care of her newborn and wanting to share the reality of the 'not-so-cute' parts of pregnancy. 

From there this magazine developed into sharing stories on miscarriage and infertility, mental health and body image, love and loss and so much more. Holl & Lane is opening the door on conversation and shutting the door on shame, which I am SO about! 

Tune in to listen to us talk about how she produced this magazine as a side hustle until this year, how she manages business and real life as a mom with a four year old son and a four month old son, and what's in store for the future of Holl & Lane! 

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