Introducing The Decaf Doers: A Collective Of Ambitious Women With Anxiety

The Decaf Doers is a free online community for ambitious women with anxiety. If you're a girl-boss, woman entrepreneur, who wants to heal, inspire and support other women, this is the place for you! Members of the Decaf Doers form a powerful tribe of women who are ready to change the world. If you feel like your soul belongs here, join us! We will always support you.

I am so excited to announce the launch of a brand new online community for ambitious women with anxiety! It’s called Decaf Doers and the first post just went live!

Decaf Doers: A collective of ambitious women with anxiety is a sub-branch of and exists as a Facebook group.

The content in the group is specifically for women who want to heal themselves, find peace, and inspire others.


Currently, SPIES is for both male and female readers, but the content in the Facebook group will be solely dedicated to connecting like-minded women!

Words can’t describe how excited I am about this new initiative. I mean, empowered women, empower women and girl, do we need each other more now than ever before!

For all my amazing male readers, don’t worry! The content on will still be gender neutral.

But, for all my female readers who have a burning passion for healing themselves, for inspiring and supporting other women, and let's be honest… changing the world!... It’s time for you to come join the Facebook community!!


There are already some beautiful souls among us in the collective, so if you’ve ever felt alone, Decaf Doers is THE source of reassurance that you have a powerful tribe standing behind you!

So what are you waiting for… get in here and make some new friends!

When you join, you’re welcomed into a space where you’re free to talk about your biz, your personal growth, and most importantly, you’re welcomed into a space where you can talk about your mental illness and how it may be affecting your creativity.

Are you a graphic designer who’s having a really rough week and don’t think you’ll be able to manage a client’s timeline? Jump into the Facebook Group and see if there are any other graphic designers willing to help with the workload or if they know someone else who would appreciate an extra client.

Everyone in the community knows what it’s like to have a bad mental health day and they’re here to help you return to a normal state of health.

Support is a vital part of life and even more so when you live with depression or anxiety.


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the conversations already happening in the group:

Come join us!