Eating Disorders Have The Highest Mortality Rate Of Any Mental Disorder

Statistics are one thing, but living among a statistic is another.

I was just made aware that one of the women I was hospitalized with in 2012, passed away this weekend. Her life was taken by an eating disorder. 

She is someone who knew that she wasn't strong enough to battle the disorder on her own. She self-admitted herself during the time that I was hospitalized and I know she had been hospitalized prior to that admission.

I don't know what roads she took after I was discharged from the hospital, but when I left she was still there.

A lot can happen in three years but I hadn't thought about her or anyone else in the hospital as someone that wouldn't be here in a few years. We were working together to become stronger. We were a team, we helped ourselves while we helped each other.

There was so much support on that unit and it leaves me utterly speechless to know that one of us are no longer here. 

Please use my loss as a reminder of how serious eating disorders are. Keep her in your hearts and let her be the reason that you get the help you need. 

Marissa Pane

New York