Why it's important as a digital creative entrepreneur to form meaningful and intimate connections

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Why it's important as a digital entrepreneur to form more meaningful and intimate connections.

Hello my fellow (& favorite) creative entrepreneurs!

I hope this week is treating you all very well. And remember, if it’s not, you have the power to change it! You’re in control of your own happiness.

Don’t freaking forget it, okay!

I want to dive into the crucial differences between running your business online, versus opening up a brick and mortar shop.


If you create a business online you’re reaching hundreds, if not thousands, more people than if you were to solely own a brick and mortar business.

Most people are finding the appeal in online businesses because of the magical mystical words, passive income.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, passive income, it's when you make a product such as an online course, put it up for sale and bam you’re done! Now, every time someone purchases your course, you’re making money passively and there’s ‘no additional work’ that needs to be done.

People are drawn to this method of money making because now they don’t have to sell their time for money. Plus this gives limitless amounts of people access to your specialties, meaning there’s no more of the, “Sorry, I’m booked solid for the next 2 years!” responses.

BONUS! It’s actually proven that online support services are just as effective as in-person support services.



So why should we even bother with physical meetups and real life sessions? I mean, hell, the blog you’re reading is even part of an online business!

It’s this simple: humans are'nt meant to be alone.

Take a look at SPIES for instance, what does SPIES stand for? Support People In Every Situation.




Yes, you can get boatloads of life-changing content from my blog and my online courses. But, when you make the commitment to working with me 1:1, you have the additional aspect of speaking face to face. We get to see each other’s unconscious thoughts through facial expressions and body gestures, which is something lacking completely from the online world.

Think about the importance of feeling connected.

Knowing that the person you’re on Skype call with is actually giving you 110% of their time and attention, versus when you sign up for a free email course of direct, yet broad insightful content.

When we’re together, even if it’s just digitally through a screen and a webcam, there’s intimacy.


If you’re someone who can afford to run a (let’s stick to the life coaching niche) local business where clients physically come to you, then you’re even 10 steps further on the scale of intimacy. You’re able to give hugs to your coaching clients and high fives when they accomplish each life changing goal. That’s incredible, and I can’t wait to get to that point!

But if you’re someone like me, someone who dedicates 85% of my time to digital content and solely digital connections, I urge you to open the door to intimacy.

Start offering 1:1 coaching sessions, try offering 15 minute clarity calls over Skype versus the phone, host your own event, if you’re an artist or writer or in any other creative field, try hosting a live workshop dedicated to teaching your craft in person!

The results of human touch, personal intimacy, and togetherness is unbelievably rewarding to not only your clients, but also to you.

Being an entrepreneur gets lonely, and when you’re first starting out, unable to hire a team to stand by you, it often feels like you’re the only person in the world and you can forget why you started your practice in the first place - to connect and help up-level other’s lives!

Get back to the root of why you started your creative endeavor as an entrepreneur.

You’re living this life to help people.

So, yes, keep pumping out your digital content that can reach thousands if not millions of people, but don’t forget about human intimacy!

Make time to connect with clients 1:1, or at least dedicate time to hosting an event where your community can come together.

We’re not meant to live this life alone, and you need to stop fueling the fire.

Embrace your role as a digital leader and change your way of thinking when it comes to educating yourself and teaching others.

Bring people together and connect in new ways!

Your community will thank you for it.

Interested in working together?
Shoot an email to marissapane@spiesfittofight.com

It's important as a digital entrepreneur or solopreneur to form meaningful and intimate connections with others in the digital world. Learn why it's important to build your tribe.