Episode 003: Creating A Massive Movement With Your Story (Featuring Ashley Beaudin)

Shining From The Shadows - Episode 003: How to create a movement with your story. Hosted by Marissa Pane and featuring Ashley Beaudin

Episode 003: Show Notes

On today's episode, i was joined by the amazing Ashely Beaudin! Some of you may know Ashley from her social media campaign turned massive movement - The Imperfect Boss.

There was nothing but loving, giggle-filled vibes during this recording so I apologize in advance if you break out into one of your own giggle-fits. But hey technically I should be saying you're welcome! There's nothing better than a big ole belly laugh.

If you've ever contemplated sharing your own story with the world but just felt completely overwhelmed with no idea where to start... you're going to want to listen in to this episode.

Ashley and I talk about the importance of pitching key influencers to gain momentum in your movement, how to get their attention, and what not to do.

We dive into the meaning of imperfection, the definition of a movement, and what it's really like to be a business owner.

Plus, you'll even hear me in my essence of imperfection... TWICE. Looks like I'm taking a trip to Canada ;)

This was such a fun show to record and I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to it just as much. What are you waiting for?! Go click the play button below or head on over to iTunes and listen there.

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  • [02:04] Why does Ashley focus on imperfection?
  • [04:40] A deeper look at Ashley's journey to owning who she is
  • [08:12] Feeling #allofthethings? Yeah, us too!
  • [09:44] Ashley's advice on how to create a movement with your story
  • [12:08] Influencers and how to connect with big names in your industry
  • [15:20] #REALTALK pitch advice
  • [17:05] Marissa exuding imperfection at its finest...
  • [18:00] The importance of mindset in your business
  • [20:50] Some sneak peak deets on The Imperfect Boss Camp
  • [26:06] Why you need to totally sign up for Ashley's Truth Letters

stuff mentioned, yo!


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Click here  to cozy up with Ashley every Sunday night when she drop pep talks and real talks in your inbox to inspire you to get real and confident!

Click here to cozy up with Ashley every Sunday night when she drop pep talks and real talks in your inbox to inspire you to get real and confident!

Today's Guest: 

Inspirational speaker and movement maker, Ashley Beaudin is the visionary behind The Imperfect Boss; a movement that is making imperfect normal and inspiring tens of thousands of creative women to become real and confident in life and business.

Ashley is known for her passionate, authentic and dynamic voice. Her voice and work have been featured in publications and events such as Mind Body Green, Combining Passions, Wild Hearts Conference, Belong Magazine and many more.

When she is not out there inspiring and gathering women, you'll likely find her going hearts eyes over bright colors or looking for a fun donut shop.

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