Episode 004: Why Your Journey With Mental Illness & Chronic Illness Needs To Be Shared

Episode 004: Why Your Journey With Mental Illness & Chronic Illness Needs To Be Shared

Episode 004: Show Notes

On today's episode, I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Kate Milliken, founder of MyCounterPane.com. Kate is an extraordinary woman with a big heart and an even bigger heart-centered business!

In 2006, Kate was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis - commonly referred to as MS. What became clear to Kate through her experience with MS was that people needed a way to connect with each other not only by sharing the daily experience of illness in clinical terms, but by also sharing the emotions behind the illness. Kate's website MyCounterPane.com started with MS, but as the site gained traction, other communities were born. I'm currently active in the Mental Health Community!

This was such powerful episode to record with a ton of mic drop moments.

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During the show we talk about...

  • The 13 core human emotions
  • How loneliness is the greatest epidemic of our time
  • Keeping faith as an entrepreneur
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • The power behind a supportive community
  • How giving, giving, giving, benefits both your heart-centered business and your mental health
  • What made Kate transform her journey into an interactive story
  • Why Kate is raising one million dollars for her business
  • The fear of the unknown
  • Kate's biggest piece of business advice for you

stuff mentioned, yo!

Episode 004: Why Your Journey With Mental Illness & Chronic Illness Needs To Be Shared

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Join Kate and Marissa over on MyCounterPane's  Mental Health Community !

Join Kate and Marissa over on MyCounterPane's Mental Health Community!

Today's Guest: 

For the past few years, Kate Milliken has been immersed in the personal stories of people living with illness. She is the founder of MyCounterpane.com, an online platform that allows patients and caregivers living with chronic illness to connect and share based on how they feel. The platform helps break users personal stories into moments, creating the first library of real moments of what it's like to live through adversity that's searchable.

Pre- MS, Kate founded Milligrace Productions, a video production company specializing in mini documentaries for private, corporate and non-profit clients. She has worked in television for more than 15 years,off camera as a producer for the View and VH-1 and as a correspondent in alternative sports (such as snowboarding, mountain biking and monster trucks) where she worked for Fox Sports NET, TNT, TNN the Outdoor Life Network and Oxygen.

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