Episode 005: Magic, Spirituality, & Psychology In The Same Sentence?

Episode 005: Magic, Spirituality, & Psychology In The Same Sentence?

Episode 005: Show Notes

Today's episode is long overdue! Gotta love technical difficulties mixed in with seasonal affective disorder. But nonetheless, it's here! On this episode, I welcome Siobhan Johnson to the show. Siobhan takes this episode to a new level with her witchy perspective, and her healer and holistic vibes. 

We open our discussion around a topic Siobhan brought to me called HEADOLOGY. Never heard of it before? Me either! She gets into what headology actually is, its similarities and differences to psychology, and why it's an important alternative to a person's evolution or growth.

Wanna get real about affirmations and how they work? We did too! So you'll get a little dose of that before we jump into a bit more woo-woo topics.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) time! We talk about our personal experiences with this tool and give a little real talk about this type of therapy.

Wondering how Siobhan found her spiritual roots? You'll find out about that journey too in this episode. 

Then we talk about how the universe works and how you may think you're in control... but let's be real the universe and God has a greater plan for you than you could ever predict.

Next up? FEAR FEAR FEAR, we get into what fear is, why it's affecting you, and how you can overcome it.


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During the show we talk about...

  • The difference between headology and psychology  and why both are important
  • How the practices of traditional witchcraft and modern holistic thinking actually mirror a lot of recent psychology, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Why healing the root cause of your mental illness is imperative, and why anything else is tidying a dirty room
  • How you can fool your brain into doing things
  • Holistic and magical ways of managing mental illness, stuff you can do to make your life easier
  • Why you should talk back to the voices in your head

stuff mentioned, yo!

Episode 005: Magic, Spirituality, & Psychology In The Same Sentence?

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Episode 005 with Siobhan Johnson

Episode 005 with Siobhan Johnson

Today's Guest: 

Siobhan Johnson is a witch, healer and holistic stress management educator. After successfully healing herself from anxiety, she decided to teach other people how to reduce, manage and eliminate stress, mental blocks and other personal baggage from their lives, and empower them to take up good habits, reach goals and perform at their best.