Episode 006: The Journey Towards Becoming An Entrepreneur While Living With Mental Illness

The Journey To Entrepreneurialism While Being Surrounded By Mental Illness - Shining From The Shadows Podcast by Marissa Pane and featuring Liza Wilde

Episode 006: Show Notes

Living with mental health challenges is a journey of its own, but once your pair this journey with the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur... well then you have one hell of a ride! 

This episode fueled my soul and really hit the nail on the head for what this podcast is about. No matter what mental illness you're struggling with, success as an entrepreneur is possible. By managing your mental health and making it a priority to take care of yourself, you also set yourself up for success when creating your business.

Liza Wilde joined me to discuss her journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Her journey had many twists and turns not only because of her battles with anxiety and depression, but also because of her mother's battle with bipolar disorder.

Liza is a Wordpress Web Designer and after hearing her story, I found that my background as a Graphic Designer was synchronistic to her experiences. No surprise here - I mean, we're all on the same journey, right? Just a friendly reminder that you're not as different and alone as you think you are! 

If you've been struggling to get your business started, Liza and I get it! Routine and finding your unique creative rhythm is key to getting into the right mindset for creation.

Do you find yourself writing, writing, writing, but not seeing a point to it all? Has it been like three years since you last opened and read your journal entries? Maybe it's time to read and reflect on your past - judgement free, of course. ;) 

Liza has a defined time every Saturday where she reviews what she wrote about during the week. During this time of reflection she asks herself the following questions:

Is this belief true?
Can you be sure it’s true?
How do you react when you entertain this belief, or live this story?
Who would you be without this belief or story?

Try this exercise yourself and report back here with your results! I'd love to hear about any new awakenings and self-discovery moments you've had.

During this episode we also talk about the importance of community, animals, unconditional love, forgiveness, and allowing ourselves to growth.

This is by far my favorite episode to date and you're going to want to give it your full undivided attention. Enjoy!


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During the show we talk about...

  • 4:50 Our College Phases + Realizing We're Not Okay
  • 6:30 Mental Illness  + Standard Employment
  • 9:20 Noticing Patterns
  • 10:15 How Liza Became An Entrepreneur
  • 12:26 How Marissa Became An Entrepreneur 
  • 14:54 Why Entrepreneurialism Isn't Right For Everyone
  • 13:14 How The Severity and Intensity Of Your Mental Illness Can Affect Your Biz
  • 17:02 Coming Out Of My Most Recent Depression & How It Affected SPIESFitToFight
  • 20:39 Resources For Managing Your Anxiety
  • 21:50 The 4 Q's Liza Asks Herself When Reflecting
  • 23:00 Stream Of Consciousness Writing Versus Journal Prompts
  • 26:35 Prompt-Filled Planner Obsessions
  • 28:15 Why Having Friends / Like-Minded Individuals In Your Life Is ESSENTIAL To Your Happiness
  • 35:57 Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • 41:00 Animals, Unconditional Love, & How They Affect Your Mental Health
  • 46:00 Reflection + Forgiveness
  • 47:20 Momma Wilde Designs Malas & YOU Get A 10% Discount For Listening To Shining From The Shadows

stuff mentioned, yo!

The Journey To Entrepreneurialism While Being Surrounded By Mental Illness
I don’t want to be a cog in a wheel.

It’s already hard enough to get out of bed when you suffer from mental illness. Getting out of bed just to go to a job you don’t enjoy is even less of a motivation.
— Liza Wilde, (On why she turned to entrepreneurialism.)

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Liza is a web designer and developer who works with creative entrepreneurs.

Liza is a web designer and developer who works with creative entrepreneurs.

Today's Guest: 

Liza Wilde is a Wordpress web designer and developer who works with creative entrepreneurs to build badass websites that showcase each entrepreneur's unique brand.

She also works with career-changing women who want to learn how to become web developers and make an income, independent from a traditional nine-to-five job. After self-teaching herself how to code at the age of 13, Liza has worked in web development professionally for half of her life.

You can sign-up for tips on adjusting your own website, or her coding tutorials here. 

When Liza's not in front of her computer coding new websites, she can be found at the dog park with her pup, at a local coffee shop with her business besties, or curled up on the couch binge watching Games of Thrones. 

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