Episode 010: The Age Of Anxiety - How To Maintain Inner Peace In A Tumultuous World (Featuring Dr. Crystal Jones)

Episode 010: The Age Of Anxiety - How To Maintain Inner Peace In A Tumultuous World (Featuring Dr. Crystal Jones)

Episode 0010: Show Notes

On today's episode, Marissa invites Dr. Crystal Jones on the show to discuss the age of anxiety and how to maintain inner peace in a tumultuous world. During the show we talk about different healing modalities including chiropractic care, breath work, meditation, yoga and reiki and how these all can help clear blocks in your life. This episode focuses on how to heal and live holistically with an emphasis on the power of mindfulness.


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Today's Guest: 

A thought leader in the spiritual and physiological healing spaces, Dr. Crystal Jones is a multifaceted healing facilitator, chiropractor, doula, yoga instructor, speaker and consultant. She is most known for her ability to effectively teach and hold space for the sacredness and integrity of the healing process - whether that be from the stage or within her intimate private practice.

She graces the stage of college classrooms, corporate healing initiatives, women’s empowerment panels, holistic health professional trainings, yoga workshops and more to fluently share truth in the many languages of healing. As the founder and the chief operations officer of The Healers’ Collective, a full-service wellness production company, she curates and elevates the narrative of wellness in the community, corporate and entertainment arenas.

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