Episode 014: Passion To Profession - When Writing Becomes The Best Of Both Worlds (With Ashly Hilst)

Episode 014: Passion To Profession - When Writing Becomes The Best Of Both Worlds (With Ashly Hilst)

Episode 014: Show Notes

On Episode 014, I invited Ashly Hilst on the show. Ashly is a developmental editor which means she's basically the fairy godmother you need when you're stuck writing your book! 

Some of the things we talk about include turning writing from a self-care tool into a profession, destroying the self-doubt that usually accompanies people who write, and how your unique perspective on the most discussed topics are what turns turns people into your people.

Then we jump into how Ashly gets shit done as an entrepreneurial mom with anxiety and depression, how she battles and combats imposter syndrome, and how important it is for her to get a bird's eye perspective on the situations at hand so she can eliminate the accompaning feelings of imposter syndrome.

Of course we end up talking about the power of affirmations and how batching content helps to organize your business structure to get more accomplished.

My favorite part of this conversation is when Ashly gives us her advice on how to WRITE THE DAMN BOOK. The two key parts to this advice were:

  1. You need support and accountability to keep you engaged in writing consistently
  2. Find a coach or an editor who will give your book individualized attention

Then we end our conversation with a discussion about the process behind writing and publishing a book, what being an editor actually entails, and important aspects that need to be included in every book.

Did you know there are multiple types of editors?? Because I totally didn't! There are developmental editors, copy editors, proof reading editors and so many other types in the publishing world that we don't get to dive into.

For all you aspiring NY Times Bestselling Authors out there, I hope you enjoy episode 014 and let it guide you one step further on your writing journey!



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Today's Guest: Ashly Hilst

Ashly chases grace and an exceptionally fast toddler in the magical land of Portland, Oregon. During the hours when said toddler succumbs to exhaustion, you can find Ashly blogging, editing, and supporting writers on her website, InkandGraceEditing.com, or perhaps wearing fuzzy socks, sipping red wine, and enjoying an episode of Sherlock with her husband.

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