Episode 015: How Family Constellation Therapy & Energy Work Can Help Your Mental Health

Episode 015: How Family Constellation Therapy and Energy Work Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Episode 015: Show Notes

On Episode 015, I invited Hanna Bier to discuss her past experiences with mental illness and how she transformed her life with family constellation therapy and energy work. This was the first time I’ve ever heard of family constellation therapy so if you’re brand new to this topic too, don’t worry! I asked a LOT of questions and Hanna had all the answers.

The lowdown is that for some of us affirmations, NLP techniques, and reconstructing our subconscious minds works wonder, but for Hanna it just wasn’t making a difference so she searched for the reason why. She learned that those who struggled with significant trauma at some point in their life have a harder time reprogramming their mindset.

Trauma is passed down through our family’s genetic code, as is a lot of positive traits, but let’s focus on the negative traits right now.

The most basic understanding that I could come up with was that genetic predispositions leave us with a lot of junk and family constellation therapy helps us to resolve and clean up all the junk.

Then Hanna and I discuss what her life as a monk for 3 and a half years was like before we dive into a conversation about energy work.

Hanna is part of a small percentage of people who can actually visually see auras so at the end of our conversation, I asked her what my aura looked like. (I mean, how could I not?!)

This conversation was eye opening and I learned a lot of new information that I hope you’ll enjoy learning as much as I did.



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Today's Guest: Hanna Bier 

Hanna Bier helps creative entrepreneurs, artists and do-gooders feel good in their own skin and confidently create the beautiful lives and fulfilling careers they've always wanted. She offers 1:1 coaching, e-courses and soulful podcast episodes for kind creatives who don't know how to achieve the success they desire (yet). Hanna is a Soulful Success Coach, Energy Healer, Family Constellation Therapist and a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. She runs the podcast 'Mystics On A Mission Show' and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

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