Episode 017: Eating Disorder Recovery, Motherhood, and Mindset Work with Kate Crocco

Eating Disorder Recovery, Motherhood, and Mindset Work with Kate Crocco.

Episode 017: Show Notes

On today’s episode, I was joined by Confidence and Mindset coach, Kate Crocco! I was so excited to record this episode with Kate as I could relate to her story so much and I look up to her daily for inspiration. 

During this episode we discuss Kate's journey from being a psychotherapist to becoming a confidence and mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. While working as a therapist, Kate saw how her addiction patients would recover much quicker through the help of peer-to-peer counsellors who could share their similar story with the patients, versus the actual therapy where all Kate could provide was strategies and techniques to recover. 

As someone who struggled with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder, Kate longed to share her story with her patients, and just wanted to let them know that they could get better and that there was a way out. As this is not allowed when you're a therapist, Kate found her way to life coaching and realized it was the perfect blend of what she was looking to do, even though she was terrified to make the jump.

Kate and I also talk about motherhood and how she juggles being a mom, running a business, and doing #AllTheThings. 


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Today's Guest: Kate Crocco 

Kate Crocco is a Confidence and Mindset Coach, writer, speaker, and the founder of The Confident Ladies Club™ Community. She has been featured on numerous podcasts where she shares her journey of becoming a licensed psychotherapist, owning a private practice and then creating a second business coaching lady bosses. Kate’s mission is to empower women to go after their dreams by helping them break down the walls and fears that have been holding them back from greatness for too long. She lovingly challenges them to step into the best version of themselves. Kate has worked with thousands of women while building a six-figure business alongside motherhood. She currently resides in NY with her darling husband, daughter, and rescue pup Turbo.

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