Episode 024: Emerging From Depression


Episode 024: Show Notes

Hey guys! Clearly, I have not released an episode in quite some time, plus there is a new look and a new intro to the podcast so let’s talk about what has been happening.

Real life: Seasonal Affective Disorder has been kicking my butt. Like a total ass whopping level of kicking my butt this year. I won’t get into all the details as I put out a blog post recently about what has been going on. So feel free to go read that if you’re feeling curious.

Essentially, I restructured my brand, the whole website, the podcast, everything…..and I totally maxed myself out. Total burn out PLUS a super rainy fall season led to me falling face first into depression and isolation mode. 

I learned my lesson the hard way but now I know I can’t be doing #AllTheThings all of the time. Rest and relaxation is going to be the theme of my winter season. 

I’ve given up coffee and alcohol… for the most part. And if I have any of either, it will not be over one glass per day. 

I’ve been committing at least 10 minutes per day to some sort of self-care activity whether it has been reading for personal enjoyment, gratitude journalling, yoga,  meditation, or just listening to a few of my favorite podcasts. 

I’ve also committed to not put myself in situations that I don’t agree with and avoid toxic people as best as possible. So far, these few simple changes have made an amazing impact. 

I’ve been finally feeling like myself again. Inspired to create more episode, to write more blog posts, and most of all help all of you.

I feel like this horrible lapse into depression was to realign me with my work in the world, to help people overcome their mental health challenges so they can live life to the fullest and become the leaders who make the change they wish to see in the world.

That was a big driving force in restructuring this podcast, I want to constantly provide you with holistic resources that have helped me to overcome my bouts of anxiety and depression. The more I learn and the more I grow, the more I have to share with you. 

In that respect, I appreciate all of my mental setbacks as they help me to offer a new perspective and an opportunity to serve you in a greater capacity.


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