Why you need to set goals and how to be proud of your Accomplishments

How to view your accomplishments, increase your self-worth, and how to plan goals for the new year. PLUS A Free Self-Development Goal Setting Worksheet Download.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

-Ferris Bueller

The legendary Ferris Bueller was onto something with those wise words and now we can all learn a little life lesson from him.

How many times do you catch yourself asking where the time went?

Where did the day go? Or even, where did the year go?

We’re hitting that time now. The point in the year where some serious regret happens and some serious ambitions are formed for the new year. It’s during this time that we put extraneous amounts of pressure on ourselves and completely ignore all past victories we’ve accomplished this year.

Somehow every achievement and goal we’ve reached are pushed under the rug and forgotten about because the thing on our mind during this instant has not been yet accomplished (even if it's a goal that just came into the picture today!).

Don’t disregard your lofty goals. No, if anything, make them loftier! I just don’t want you to miss or overlook the lofty goals you set this year.

I’m guilty of this type of behavior too, in fact that’s what led me to write this article for you.

It’s time for you to open a notebook, a Google Doc, or whatever your favorite writing platform is, and write in big bold letters on the top of your page:




Dedicate at least 30 minutes to this activity and really try to think of every little accomplishment that you’ve made. Don’t just write the big or obvious accomplishments down.

Use the brainpower you’re willing to allocate to ragging on yourself for everything you didn’t accomplish, into this activity instead. A simple change in your thought pattern, like this exercise, has tremendously effective results.

You should feel good about your year, your life, and yourself.

If there’s ever a moment where you feel like you aren’t living up to a certain standard - reassess the situation. Who’s setting this unattainable goal for you? Is it an external source or is it coming from within you?

If the standard was set within your own mind, you have the power to decide again. Decide that you are doing an acceptable and lovely job, and ignore any negative thoughts that bubble up because you’ve changed your outlook.


Ready to set your goals?

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Once you’ve spent 30 minutes dedicated to writing all the accomplishments you’ve been able to conquer this year, take a break and read the list.

I’m sure it’s much longer than you thought it would be!

Now, you can write below your list of accomplishments:

“GOALS FOR 2018”


Use the mindset you had when reflecting on past accomplishments to write goals of the new year.

If you write goals like “Have a net worth of 500K by February 1st” chances are you’re never going to achieve that.

Be reasonable with your timeline if you’re going to write down life changing ideas.

Don’t limit yourself to the possibilities, but think through all the steps or actions that will need to occur before you get there.

With that in the back of your mind you can write the loftiest goals in town and be certain of your capability of achieving them!

Ready to set your goals?

Enter your information below to download my template for goal setting and reflection.

Now, in the comments below I want to hear all about your 2016 accomplishments. I'll be sure to answer and congratulate every single one of you. 


Reflection and goal setting are so important. How many times do you catch yourself asking where the time went? Where did the day go? Where did the year go? We're reaching that time of the year again when we put extraneous amounts of pressure on ourselves to achieve some serious ambitions in the new year. Do yourself a favor and don't underestimate the accomplishments you made this year. Take a moment to reflect.

Have a great New Year, everyone! xoxo

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