2016 Is Approaching

Make time for yourself in the new year and more importantly, learn to forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past.

It's that time of the year again. Half of you are in celebratory and joyous mode around the holidays. The other half of you are seeing the hourglass of 2015 emptying out the last of its contents.

I recently received a guest post submission that I found to hold a beautiful message and something we all need to read during this time of the year. Whether you are focused on the last days of 2015 or looking forward to the rapidly approaching 2016, I want you to keep the following post in mind.

*NOTE: The author has chosen to remain anonymous*

Author's note: These words below have changed my own personal life entirely since I originally wrote them and they were never meant to be read by the public. After much thought, however, I realized how selfish it is to keep these words trapped in my leather journal without ever being released. I truly hope they open your mind and impact your heart in the most positive of ways.

Cheers to better days!


We all have someone in our life that we are not paying enough attention to.

For some reason, we hold onto all of the negative things they say and do, without once showing appreciation for the positives. We look elsewhere for the very same gratification this person is trying to give us and because of that you have no idea how much they are hurting. You quickly forgive the people who repeatedly cause pain, and although forgiveness is good, you still have this one person you neglect.

Understand, you have occasional thoughts about forgiving them, but you push it away in regret. This single action needs to stop. Release the sorrow and anger in your heart that you have for them. I am sharing this next part with as much emphasis as possible: if you do not forgive them, the rest of your life will have a black cloud hanging over it and your heart will cripple!

All of the amazing moments you have in store for the rest of your life are depending on this one decision to forgive. Although every single decision they make may seem to be a bad one, you have to forgive them. It is not their fault, they do not know any better. Your forgiveness is needed now because tomorrow is going to be too late.

By now, if you have read this far I'm almost positive that many people have come to mind but here is the true person who deserves your forgiveness: it's yourself.

It is true that you have made decisions in your life that keep coming back to haunt you, but you have to forgive yourself. Understand that nobody is mad at you for the mistakes you've made, so please don't you be mad at you. The people who care about you (and I consider myself one of them, even if we never meet) understand you are trying your best.

Forgive yourself for the choices you've made and let go of the anger you hold in your heart. 

It's time to start a new, positive and fulfilling life.

You are worth it, I believe in you.

Marissa Pane

New York