4 Quick Tips To Make It Through The Holiday Season With An Eating Disorder

Happy holidays!

As a prelude to tomorrow’s live Q+A, I wanted to summarize a few of the topics we are going to be discussing. (This is also a subtle reminder to register for the free webinar to receive your awesome freebies!)


Quick Tip #1

Be sure to make a ‘safe food’ that you can bring to the holiday party. Bringing a plate of all natural hummus and veggies seems not only like a nice gesture and thoughtful addition to the party menu - it also duels as a go-to food for if anxiety starts to wash over you and you’re not sure of what you can eat.


Quick Tip #2

A plethora of food and an overwhelming amount of people trying to talk to you is bound to stir up an anxiety attack or two. To avoid an all encompassing breakdown at the family table, take note of when you feel you are becoming overwhelmed. Be mindful of your emotions and proactively excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. (No one needs to know that you’re running off to the bathroom not because the kale salad went right through you, but because you need a moment to yourself.) The moment to yourself just happens to be in the bathroom so it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.


Quick Tip #3

Who is number one on your support team? Let them know that you might need extra support during the holiday dinner. More than likely (if they really are your number one supporter) they will offer to keep their phone on high, ready to take your call. Don’t be ashamed to call that person, if they thought your phone call would interrupt their night they would have declined the offer to be your 911.


Quick Tip #4 [FREE GUIDE]

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