3 Personal Development Books That Have Changed My Life

3 Personal Development Books That Have Changed My Life

Looking for life changing personal development books? Good, because I’m about to share three of my favorite personal development / self-help books that have totally changed my life.

I’m an avid reader and make it a point to read as many books as humanly possible. Whether it be a physical book, an e-book, or an audiobook, it doesn’t matter, I love them all and I can’t stop! Recently, I’ve been consuming 2-3 new books each month and guess what, I don’t finish books if I don’t like them! (This is something that took me over 22 years to give myself permission on. Who else always feels like they need to finish a book even if they hate it?!) With my new mindset of allowing to put down a book that I feel is dry and just plain boring, I am able to finish SO many more books that I LOVE. #LifeChanging

The number one book to change the trajectory of my life was Gabrielle Bernstein’s second book, Spirit Junkie. In this book, Gabby shares her story about how she transformed her life from addiction and misery to a life she loves waking up to each morning through a spiritual journey.  While reading this book, I couldn’t comprehend how someone else could have such a similar past and similar thought patterns as I did. There were so many moments within the book that I would literally say, “Oh my God, me too!”

What I found most interesting about the book was how I don’t know where I came across it. It was almost like the book found me and while reading the book, Gabby talks about how the same situation happened to her regarding A Course In Miracles. Clearly, I was meant to read this thing! It was the first book I ever picked up that talked about God, the universe, spirituality, etc. I was taken back at first but then became more and more comfortable with the conversation as my brother had passed away a few months earlier. I was far from religious at this time, but I was willing to accept a new path to spirituality.

Spirit Junkie is the reason I began picking up more and more spiritual texts and even more important, It’s what initially sparked the belief that I could help people by sharing my story on a massive scale.  

A few months ago I listened to the audiobook of Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth and was blown away by the amount of “YAAAAAS” moments I had in my car. I made sure I took the long way to get places so I had more time to listen to this amazing book. It felt like Danielle was speaking directly to my heart while hanging on the couch with a glass of Prosecco. It was the girl talk conversation I needed to hear meshed with the wisdom of an old soul. I can not wait to pick up a hard copy of this book so I can underline, highlight, and fill it with notes in the margins.

And last but not least, You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero has totally upleveled my money mindset! I was a total fan of Jen’s original book, You Are A Badass, but damn this one was even better. Hearing her financial story and what she did to change it was beyond inspiring. I’ve definitely seen some growth in my own finances since finishing this book too, so what’s better than that?!

Okay, okay, I can’t help myself… here are a five additional honorable mentions:

What books have you read that have totally changed your life? Tell me in the comments!