"What is a niche & how do I pick one?" The first decision you need to make in your business

"What is a niche and how do I pick one?" The first decision you need to make in your business.

What is a niche and how do I pronounce it?

Some call it a “Neee-sh”. Some call it a “Ni-t-ch”. Regardless of the way you pronounce the word, this is why it’s important to find your own.

When first starting a brand, a company, or even a blog, you need to understand who your ideal client is. And yes, that one’s a no-brainer - I mean, how else would you know what products to create and who to market to??

Determining your ideal client is only part of this introductory phase when defining your business. Once you determine who your ideal client is, you’ll also need to learn where they hang out online, when they hang out online, what their annual income is, what their family life is like, what they do for fun vs. what they do for business, what their dreams are, what problems are they struggling with, etc.

Once you can nail down all of those things, you’re one step closer to discovering your niche. Which in simplest terms is a small group of people who fit into a specific category that you’re targeting.

For example, my niche with SPIESFitToFight.com is heart-centered entrepreneurial women between the ages of 24 and 54 who want to run a successful online business while maintaining their mental health.

That sounds SUPER specific, right? By becoming that specific, it’s easy to identify the specific needs of my clients and how I can best serve them. Through this process, I’m able to create products and services that my followers love which makes it a no-brainer for them to sign on and become one on one coaching clients of mine once they’ve gotten a taste of the lower-priced digital content that I’ve provided them with.

So how do you define your niche?

The easiest place to start, which is what I did in 2016, was to mold my ideal client after who I once was being that the services I provided were created due to the lack that I saw in this department.

Your past self is a perfect starting point for your ideal client if your services reflect what you needed during this time in your life.

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