Self-Love Is An Integral Part Of Mental Health

Self love is an integral part of mental health. Click through to read more about how you can embrace the power of self-love on

An integral part of mental health and becoming mentally healthy to the fullest extent is embracing the power of self-love. Once you can comprehend how inconsequential everyone else’s opinions are, you can learn to focus on your own thoughts, opinions, and desires.


Take time to reflect upon yourself so you can let your hopes and dreams guide you. Just because the mass population or your family or your significant other doesn’t agree with what you want; it doesn’t mean your desires are misguided. Don’t let their opinions sway you. Whatever you want to do in your career, love, or essentially any aspect of your personal life, is no one else’s prerogative other than your own.


The ultimate goal of human existence is happiness.

As a whole, we see happiness to be some far out mystical emotion experienced only by phonies who can’t see the true darkness that encapsulates the world. Happiness shouldn’t be such a far-fetched concept, only obtained by far and few.

Happiness is a choice.

Every moment, every thought you have, has the possibility to be translated into anger or as joy. Become conscious of your thoughts and take note of when something negatively impacts you.  


Did you have to turn that moment into anything other than something to brush off your shoulder? No, you didn’t have to, but chances are you’re letting one moment ruin your entire day. We all do it, we let one bad minute overpower the possibility of experiencing positivity during any of the other minutes left in the day.


Take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and most importantly - your mistakes.

It’s not the person who ran into you’s fault that you spilled your coffee. You should have been aware that he was entering into your path. A simple shift of responsibility can turn any situation into something else entirely. If you let go of the anger that comes with blaming anyone other than yourself for everything that happens in your life, you will start to see your perspective on life change. Happiness is achievable; It’s a choice and right now you’re choosing to live without it.


Right here, right now is the perfect time to start embracing self-love. Right now is all you have. Don’t focus on the past or how you should have been embracing self-love all along, that moment is gone and you’re only wasting this current moment worrying about wasted moments. Irony at its finest.


Stop worrying about the future, too. Live in this moment because it’s all you freaking have! Everything could be taken away from you instantly. Don’t take your current moment for granted because this, right here - this second, it’s all you have.