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The next time you’re waiting for your train to come or the next time you’re sitting alone at a party trying to look like you’re actually doing something on your phone and you’re sick of seeing the same photos on instagram (we’ve all done it), try downloading one of the following apps or visiting one of these websites:  THINKUP APP, MYCOUNTERPANE, CHARITY MILES, and TED TALKS!

I think everyone reading this can agree that as a society we spend WAY too much time with our eyes glued to our phones. The real question here is exactly how much time do we spend on our phones each day?


According to the research, the average American adult spends roughly 3 hours a day on their smartphone! Specifically, we’re talking 2 hours and 51 minutes but hey, I think it’s fair to say 3 hours. But what I think is truly mind boggling is how out of those 3 hours, the average person spends 1 hour and 56 minutes just scrolling through social media! (Man, we should have all bought stock in Facebook in those early days!)


And if we’re being completely honest here, these statistics make me want to vomit....


This is pure insanity, but hey I can’t even say anything because my entire business is based online and social media is a huge piece of the puzzle for me.


The point I’m trying to make with this blog post is a simple one…

The amount of time or energy society spends searching the internet and scrolling through social media isn’t going to change any time soon, so instead of fighting it why don’t be embrace the resources that are available to us.


I could go on for days talking about mindless apps like Flappy Bird (RIP), Candy Crush, Doofus Drop, Dots, and so on. Hell, I think I literally still have every one of those games on my phone!


They serve their purposes BUT instead of mindlessly wasting minutes or hours on these soul sucking time wasters, why don’t we invest our time in some apps that will… you know… improve our mindset, uplevel our lives, and help us become better people??


“But Marissa, it’s just an app. I’m bored and I want to race my Doofus down a hill and hope I get enough fart power-ups to reach my high score. Plus look at this cool hat I won!”


Yo, I get it. I love getting those hats as much as the next person but WHY do we waste SO much time obsessing over these mindless activities?


The next time you’re waiting for your train to come or the next time you’re sitting alone at a party trying to look like you’re actually doing something on your phone and you’re sick of seeing the same photos on instagram (we’ve all done it), try downloading one of the following apps or visiting one of these websites:

ThinkUp app


Charity Miles



My first recommendation is the ThinkUp app!

It’s available for both iPhones and Androids and if you ask me, it’s the holy grail of self-improvement apps. So what’s the dealio with this one? It’s a way to bring positive affirmations into your everyday routine! One of my good friends, Joe,  introduced me to ThinkUp and I’ve tried to make it a point to use it every morning when I’m getting ready to start my day.


My favorite part about this app is that there is not only a bunch of pre-written affirmations that you can choose from (categorized into easy to chose from sections!) but you can also create new affirmations and record them all in your own voice.


As most of you reading this already know, affirmations are an amazing personal development tool. What I find to be even more powerful than listening to some random voice chanting these statements, is when you can hear your words in your own voice. Personally, I feel that this packs a bigger punch.


My second recommendation is the website MyCounterpane which is an online platform created by Kate Milliken.

I currently hang out in the Mental Health community, but there are also communities dedicated to Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Lymes Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. What I really dig about this platform is that you can essentially enter journal entries (either privately or publicly) and associate a mood with each entry. Over time you can visually see how your mood progressed. This Moodify feature is my favorite part and I totally recommend you head over there now to start tracking your progress!

Another app that I’ve become recently obsessed with is Charity Miles!

You literally don’t have to do anything different than what you would normally do when going for a run or a bike ride other than click on the app when you start your journey. As you move, you raise money for a charity of your choice! It’s such an amazing concept and during the last bike ride my boyfriend and I went on, I was able to raise money for The Special Olympics while he chose to raise money for the National Park Foundation. It took no extra work or thought on our part, all we had to do was take our phone with us (which we always do anyway!) and log when we began and ended. The app does the rest! It’s awesome-sauce.


Last but not least if you’re going to be spending the majority of your time on an app or a website, THE place to be is

I know this one isn’t totally new and exciting, BUT the amount of content, the thought leaders, and the new ideas that I’ve come across since downloading the app is immeasurable. I’ve always been someone who would stumble across TED talks, binge watch for a few hours, and then not visit the site again for a few months. Once I downloaded the app I was able to receive notifications of new recommended content every day and I was hooked. Download the app right now if you want some powerful knowledge bombs at the tips of your fingers.




If you have any life-changing apps or websites that you visit on a daily basis, I’d love to know! Pop them in the comments below and let me know if you gave any of my recommendations a try.

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