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Why you need to set goals and how to be proud of your Accomplishments

How many times do you catch yourself asking where the time went?

Where did the day go? Or even, where did the year go?

We’re hitting that time now. The point in the year where some serious regret happens and some serious ambitions are formed for the new year. It’s during this time that we put extraneous amounts of pressure on ourselves and completely ignore all past victories we’ve accomplished this year.

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How to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Plus Why you need to switch up your day-to-day before the new year

When someone says ‘Summer’ - the beach, sunshine, friends, bonfires and carefree living is usually what comes to mind. But as soon as you land that 9-5 desk job, your ideal summer image seems like nothing more than a daydream.


The corporate world isn’t very into the idea of working from the beach.. I mean from home - and ‘summer Fridays’ are usually far and few in between. AKA by the time August hits, I’m still not too sure about what the sun looks like and my skin is as white as the paper stacked to the sky on my desk.


As someone who has only worked in this type of environment, I didn’t have any idea there was an alternative.

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