How To Cope With Everyday Situations When You Live With Anxiety

Are you tired of seeing meaningless post after meaningless post with 100+ ways to make your anxiety go away?

I sure am!

If one more person tells me to make a to-do list, to listen to the birds, or to blow bubbles, I’m going to flip a table.

Are people who don’t have anxiety are writing these ‘anxiety-preventing’ tips?!

I’m sure that’s not always the case and I can almost guarantee that someone on this internet world is providing insightful and actually helpful lists - but those lists are usually only discovered after some serious google searching.

So listen up - I love you, guys.

Each and every person visiting this blog has a purpose and a story.

Not everyone may be struggling with mental illness, but you’re here for a reason. (yeah, I'm talking to you!)

The universe guided you to read these words because whether you know it now or not, this content is going to better your life.

We can all benefit from an extra dose of self-love and inner reflection.

We’re all humans (I hope….hello blog reading cyborgs?) who experience stress and anxiety-provoking situations.

For some of us, anxiety controls our lives.

It’s more than watching a scary movie and being too afraid to go to sleep with the lights off for a week. It’s more like avoiding social gatherings because of overwhelming intrusive thoughts that don’t stop until you tell yourself that you’re 100% not attending the event. Or maybe it’s the constant urge to go back and re-do something because you feel like you didn’t do it just right the first time. Perhaps it’s being out in public, touching a handrail and feeling the germs attach to your hand, making it feel heavy or toxic until you can properly wash it clean.

Maybe those “40 things you can do to avoid anxiety!” lists will help those of you who study mercifully in fear of not passing tomorrow’s exam, but for the other people out there, myself included... we need something more - something with substance.

We're in need of more than a way to avoid anxiety. We're searching for guidance to help embrace our lives once again.

Let's face it, somewhere along the way we let our anxiety take the wheel.

It’s time to gain control again! 

Control of our minds, our fears, and ultimately our lives.

Don’t be afraid of how challenging that sounds because I created the ultimate guide, just for you!

It’s exactly what I was searching for a few years prior - when I was living through my darkest days. I honestly can’t believe I waited until now to release this content. I know how helpful this is going to be for you and I wish I had released it sooner, but hey, it's here now!

The FitToFight Guide To Embracing Life is an online course with an accompanying workbook.

Inside the course I discuss how to cope with everyday situations when living with anxiety. Please click here to learn more about this life changing resource.