It's OK To Be Weak

There have been multiple events throughout my life where I was designated as the strong one. Well what happens when I’m not strong enough? 

Today was the start of August and if I was going to be basing my entire month off of how today went? Well, I would just go back to sleep and reference a little Green Day… Wake me up when August ends.

I’m a mess. A big dilapidated mess with extra mess oozing out of my eyeballs.

How can someone like myself be seen as the person who gives you advice on mental health? Clearly I haven’t figured out where all these pieces to the puzzle we call life go, but honestly, who has?

A masters degree in abnormal psychology does not equate to actually living through life with a mental illness. No textbook can teach the the way an anxiety attack paralyzes you with fear and no lecture will ever leave you with so much disconnect as depression does.

Regardless of who we are and what our titles in life may be, we are all allowed to be weak.

My advice to you is to let it out. Don’t refrain yourself from screaming, “I need help!”,  just because you’re supposed to be the one who has it all together.

We understand that you’re only human and it’s time for you realize that too. 

Marissa Pane

New York