How To Release Fear & Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How to release fear from your life and begin turning your dreams into your actual reality through the power of self-love and manifestation.

One thing I hear way too often from my students is how they feel like they're living their lives in what appears to be guilt.

Sometimes it’s because they feel they're living a lie.  

Sometimes it’s because the only reason they’re currently breathing is because there's one person begging them to stay alive.

I can empathize with each and every student because in 2011, I felt the exact same way.

I distinctly remember lying on my bedroom floor with the sunlight beaming in from my window, only half hitting my face. It’s where I admitted to myself that I didn’t feel alive.

At this time in my life, I truly felt like I was watching a movie.

It was like my eyes were the lens in which the film was shot through.

Nothing felt real, I didn’t feel emotions other than pain and sadness, all I wanted to do was lie there - right where the sun could only half blind me.  

I wanted to stay there until the sun went down, came up and went down again.

I felt like everyone was the enemy.

No matter what I was doing, I was constantly defensive.

No one could possibly have any idea what was going through my head.

There was no way anyone could even dream what I was going through mentally (or physically due to my eating disorder).

I didn’t believe anyone who offered help or positivity.

I was too wrapped in self-loathing that when a comment was made, I automatically took it as criticism or a back-handed compliment.

Honestly, the only reason I was living was because I felt obligated to live for someone else.

At the time, I believed it was to stay in my parents life.

However, now I can see it was so I could be here for you. Each and every person reading these words are another reason why I stayed alive.

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