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How To Be The Voice Of Your People

If you’re someone who craves to be a voice of the people, a change-maker, or a thought leader then I’m sure you have a TON of valuable knowledge you’re itching to give away. I personally know how frustrating it can be to have gone through piles of research and created mountains of content for an audience that basically consists of your mom and your best friend from college who will support you through anything… Can you relate?

Your problem is that you have ALL the knowledge and NONE of the audience.

By hosting a webinar you will attract new audience members who want to learn what you have to say and you’ll gain respect and trust of your current audience by showcasing your knowledge for free.

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How To Be A Badass Entrepreneur…Even With Anxiety

If someone told me 5 years ago that I would have a successful and thriving fully booked self-pay therapeutic private practice, a private practice coaching business, a digital course, a blog, a work schedule conducive to my needs, and financial security I would have actually laughed out loud, rolled my eyes, and likely questioned that person’s sanity. 

See, 5 years ago I was in a very different place in my life.

I was working long hours and unpaid overtime at an agency where I made little income and left most work days crying in my car because of how stressed out I was. I felt as though I had no time to do anything I needed or wanted to do because by the time I got home from work, I was so exhausted and burnt out and the anxiety I had thinking about what the next day would bring left me feeling emotionally paralyzed. I was not taking care of myself emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or physically and I was really not the most pleasant person to be around because I was stressed out ALL OF THE TIME! 

I have suffered from anxiety my entire life and for a really long time, I let my anxiety control me and I let my anxiety dictate my happiness.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I finally decided I NEEDED to make a change in my professional life as my anxiety and stress levels were so high, it was beginning to impact all aspects of my life. That is when I decided to follow my dream of opening up my very own private practice. 

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Episode 014: Passion To Profession - When Writing Becomes The Best Of Both Worlds (With Ashly Hilst)

Get unstuck from writing your book with developmental editor Ashly Hilst - an entrepreneurial mom living with depression & anxiety.

On Episode 014, I invited Ashly Hilst on the show. Ashly is a developmental editor which means she's basically the fairy godmother you need when you're stuck writing your book! 

Some of the things we talk about include turning writing from a self-care tool into a profession, destroying the self-doubt that usually accompanies people who write, and how your unique perspective on the most discussed topics are what turns turns people into your people.

Then we jump into how Ashly gets shit done as an entrepreneurial mom with anxiety and depression, how she battles and combats imposter syndrome, and how important it is for her to get a bird's eye perspective on the situations at hand so she can eliminate the accompaning feelings of imposter syndrome.

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Accountability, Education, & Community For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

You need time for self-care if you’re going to change the world, babe.

If you’re new here, you’re going to quickly find out that I’m all about maintaining your mental health while running a successful heart-centered business.

As an entrepreneur with depression and anxiety, I totally get how important it is to be in the right mindset and the best headspace if you’re going to create new content that will better the world we live in.

Burn-out, overwhelm, fear, stress, and anxiety attacks can stop us in our tracks from moving forward in our business. These setbacks can stop us from launching a big idea or it could freeze us from ever transitioning from being a hobbyist to a business owner. Following our passions is great, but if your passion is taking all your time and it’s not making you money - it’s just a hobby, sister!

Reading personal development books, attending self-help seminars, and investing in women empowerment courses are adequate steps to maintaining a positive mindset and outlook on life, but without action, you’re just throwing away those dollar dollar bills, yo.

Personally, I’ve thrown thousands of dollars into online training, coaches, and live events that claimed they would help uplevel my life. At the moment they were happening, I was in a high vibrational frequency with whomever I was with, but a week after the investment, the training, or the event, I fell back to baseline. I didn’t follow through on the actions to create a powerful change in my life.

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Episode 013: How to Support Your Body Throughout Burnout with Kelly Agnew

As entrepreneurs, let alone entrepreneurs living with mental health conditions, we're destined to hit burnout once or twice (or ten times!) in our career. When Kelly brought this topic to me, it couldn't have been at a better time. This past November I was smack dab in the middle of possibly the worst burnout of my entrepreneurial career. So clearly, the topic of how to COMBAT burning out and get back to a positive healthy lifestyle, was something I really wanted to share with you all!

And let me tell you, if you're one of the fortunate souls who haven't felt burn out before... take Kelly's four pillars to heart because you do not want to enter that nasty place. 

So what are these pillars that Kelly and I talk about?

The 4 Pillars to Support Your Body Throughout Burnout

  1. Diet / Nutrition
  2. Supplementation
  3. Lifestyle 
  4. Mindset

We dive deep into these pillars so you're going to want to dedicate a good hour to listening to this episode! 

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Episode 012: The Positive Power of Forgiveness & The Toxicity of Complaints

Today’s episode is jump-started by the topic of forgiveness, followed by messages of Christianity, and whole-hearted truth. After experiencing excessive amounts of judgment and complaining about others, Amberlin tried to find a resource to help remove the toxicity from her life. From those actions, The Complainer’s Journal was born.

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Episode 010: The Age Of Anxiety - How To Maintain Inner Peace In A Tumultuous World (Featuring Dr. Crystal Jones)

Shining From The Shadows is THE podcast for entrepreneurs living with anxiety and depression, hosted by Marissa Pane, founder of!

On today's episode, Marissa invites Dr. Crystal Jones on the show to discuss the age of anxiety and how to maintain inner peace in a tumultuous world. During the show we talk about different healing modalities including chiropractic care, breathwork, meditation, yoga and reiki and how these all can help clear blocks in your life. This episode focuses on how to heal and live holistically with an emphasis on the power of mindfulness.

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Episode 009: The Power of Authenticity With The Real Female Entrepreneur (Featuring Lauren Frontiera)

Shining From The Shadows is THE podcast for entrepreneurs living with anxiety and depression, hosted by Marissa Pane, founder of!

On today's episode, Marissa invites Lauren Frontiera of The Real Female Entrepreneur on the show to discuss all things business, mindset, and authenticity. 

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