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Episode 021: My Biggest Takeaway From Art School

Did you know I went to school for graphic design? Yeah, that was a waste of two years and a crap ton of money. But hey, I did walk away with one very valuable lesson... the importance of whitespace.

Nope, I'm not talking about whitespace in your designs, I'm talking about the importance of clearing out things in your life.

Tune into the first solo episode, or as I will call them, Soul Chats, to listen in on this valuable lesson. Enjoy!

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Episode 020: How Anxiety Has Become Her Entrepreneurial Superpower with Jessica Rodriguez

What happens when you believe that “becoming your own boss” would fix your lifetime battle with anxiety -- only to find yourself in the lowest place you’ve ever been?

According to Jessica Rodriguez, you break the entrepreneurial status quo by creating a business that works for your life, instead of a life that works for your business.

Business strategist, Jessica Rodriguez and I discuss anxiety and how it when from hurting her business to helping her succeed.

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Episode 016: How To Take Action To Create A Life You Love

On today’s episode, Glenda Russell discusses how the life you want is waiting for you to create it.

It takes more than desire to create a life you love, it requires ACTION.

Glenda shares how this process will not be easy and how the ride won’t always be perfect, but once you’ve created a life you love, you will without a doubt know your hard imperfect work was worth it.

Glenda was laid off of her job not once, but twice and she lost both of her parents within the span of a few years. But if that wasn’t enough, her husband then lost his job! Nevertheless, Glenda wouldn’t let her circumstances hold her in hostage in pain, grief, depression, and living a less than ideal life. Instead, Glenda chose to be happy and shares how she overcame these hardships with us in episode 016.

Tune in to this episode to learn about the power of positivity and how action can lead you to living a life you love.

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Episode 015: How Family Constellation Therapy & Energy Work Can Help Your Mental Health

On Episode 015, I invited Hanna Bier to discuss her past experiences with mental illness and how she transformed her life with family constellation therapy and energy work.

This was the first time I’ve ever heard of family constellation therapy so if you’re brand new to this topic too, don’t worry! I asked a LOT of questions and Hanna had all the answers.

This conversation was eye opening and I learned a lot of new information that I hope you’ll enjoy learning as much as I did.

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