So, you’re a creative entrepreneur who's fed up with depression and anxiety controlling the trajectory of your business? I get it.


When depression hits, it's an effort to swing your feet over the bed and onto the floor - let alone manage and run a successful business!

Wouldn't it be nice if during the days when your depression and anxiety get the best of you, you could just stay in bed, sip some tea, and catch up on your favorite Netflix series?

I’m sure you’re sick and tired of the normal routine you currently have - slaving away at a 9 to 5 job making ends meet before coming home exhausted but ready to hustle on those entrepreneurial goals…which are seeming to be fading farther and farther away with every sleepless night.

It’s time to throw your current routine away and get ready for something new, my friend!



  • Being your own boss and having the luxury of setting your own schedule?

  • No more guilt for having to take a personal day - or week - to focus on reclaiming your mental health?!

  • Finally being able to spend time focusing on your passion and actually making a profit from it?

  • Happiness, freedom, and release from the invisible chains your depression has locked you in!?


Shining From The Shadows™ teaches you..

How to manage your self-care and productivity when depression and anxiety cause emotional distress.

This is THE course for achieving your entrepreneurial dreams!

Shining From The Shadows™ is composed of 3 modules:


1. Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

2. Stepping Into Your Purpose & How To Release Your Creative Potential

3. Staying Aligned With Your Goals On Becoming A Successful Creative Entrepreneur

Each module is designed to be one week's worth of content.

By the end of week 3, you will have a strategic plan for how to go from being a side hustler with big dreams to an entrepreneurial success story!


A ton of entrepreneurs with depression fail.

I’m going to show you how to become the exception
inside of Shining From The Shadows™.

Failure isn't due to anyone’s level of talent or relationship with luck. I promise.

The trick to running a successful business is knowing that the lifestyle requires a large amount of physical and mental effort. When you don't have the proper strategies in place for maintaining your mental health, you are setting yourself up for failure.

It turns out, those of us who have a mental illness AND a successful business have a few tricks up our sleeve. I can't speak for anyone else, but my sleeve is bursting at the seams!

I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you, inside!

As a member of Shining From The Shadows™ you’re going to:

Gain Confidence In Yourself And Your Ideas

Grow Your List Of Coping Mechanisms 

Change Your Mindset

Plan Your Ideal Schedule

Learn How To Automate Your Business

Access Plug & Play Copy For Integrating Into Your Biz

Reduce the Mental Health Stigma Through Your Success!


Week 1: Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

  • We’re eliminating your self-doubt so you can take control of your life and watch as your passions turn into profits
  • Have you heard about A Course In Miracles? If not, get ready to learn all about the Ego and how you can separate yourself from the fear it feeds you.
  • You’re going to learn how to stop living for everyone else’s values and focus on your own.

Week 2: Stepping Into Your Purpose & How To Release Your Creative Potential

  • Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, or whatever you are choosing to blame for not 'being good enough' or not 'having enough credibility' to do...  that ends HERE.
  • We’re going to use the Pomodoro Method to map out your perfect day. You deserve time dedicated to self-care AND you deserve to map out when you get it.
  • Oh no! Is your depression winning this week? Don’t worry about it! - I’m going to show you how to automate your business so it will still run and make you money while you realign your mental health.

Week 3: Staying Aligned With Your Goals Of Becoming A Successful Creative Entrepreneur

  • Time for a little woo-woo and believing in something other than yourself. You can’t tackle this journey alone and I’m going to guide you through all the techniques I use to keep my business successful and profitable.. including the woo-woo and not so average ones!

  • You did it! You’re running a successful business while living with mental illness! You just became someone to look up to within the mental health community. Your success provides hope to thousands more who are itching to transform just as you have, so it's time to learn how to share your success story.
  • And don't think I'm going to leave you hanging! You're also going to receive a workbook that will help you to stay aligned with success for when you finish the course modules. 

Shining From The Shadows™ is $347.


Join now to take advantage of a system that works to start running your business successfully and with excellent mental health.

Don’t let this opportunity pass. It’s time to take action!


You can join me in Shining From The Shadows™ right now, for only $347!

You will receive all the content instantly after signing up and hold lifetime access to all of the course information.
Feel free to come back to the lessons time and time again because these strategies will never become irrelevant! 

Enroll now to access the complete toolkit for dealing with your anxiety.

Anxiety and depression do not control your destiny!



Q: Why are you teaching me about automation techniques?

A: When times get tough and you need to dedicate an extensive amount of unallocated time to your health as opposed to your business, there's nothing like the saving grace of automation. You're going to learn how to set up systems that will keep your business afloat when you're not there in the flesh to handle the job. 


Q: What do you mean when you say “woo-woo”?

A: Just your average information on healing crystals, meditations, manifesting, believing in a higher power of your understanding, etc. 


Q: Do I have access to this course forever?

A: Yes, my friend! This course is yours to keep in its entirety for as long as the internet is in existence.


Q: Do I have to go through the course content in 3 weeks? 

A: Nope! You can do the coursework on your own time. If you want to read through all of the material as soon as you enroll, go for it! If you want to enroll and wait 5 months before even opening a webpage, that’s totally okay too! 3 weeks is just a simple guide for those of you who like to have a scheduled time dedicated to coursework.


Q: Do I get graded? 

A: You already passed in flying colors by enrolling in the course. But in all seriousness, no there isn’t any grading, passing or failing. This is simply educational content lumped together to provide you with the chance of becoming a successful creative entrepreneur. 


Q: Where do I take this course?

A: Shining From The Shadows™ is hosted on Teachable. All you have to do is come up with a username and password and BAM - you’re ready to learn. You can be at home on your computer, tablet, or hell you could even be on a bathroom break looking at the course content through your phone! Anywhere is acceptable and everything is possible.

You're ready to build a successful business.

Take the first step of your life changing journey and enroll, now!

PLEASE NOTE: Marissa Panè is not a mental health professional, doctor, psychologist, etc. Any information provided by Marissa Panè is strictly opinion. For professional health care advice, please contact a licensed professional. Thank you.