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Because you totally deserve time for self-care while you change the world!


Learn how to fall in love with your life through simple mindset shifts in this digital self-paced course.


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SPIES stands for: 
Support People In Every Situation

Fit To Fight represents becoming mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually well.

Are you a member of The Decaf Doers - my Facebook Group for entrepreneurial women with anxiety? Here's what some current members have to say about it!

I am seriously LOVING this group - It is one of like two that I will actually participate in! That says a lot - it feels so safe in here! xo
— Jennifer
I am in a TON of business groups, some are huge, some are small but most are supportive. But I really think this is MY TRIBE. MY PEOPLE. Because who else could understand the struggle of not being able to work for a week because my anxiety is so crippling it’s all I can do to feed my son, let alone sit at a computer, interact, coach people. and come up with new inspiring content?! No one but people who go through it too.
— Kendra