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The Confidence Coach For Change Makers

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I see you. You've been to hell and back, you've conquered your demons and you're ready to help others do the same. But there's a little nagging voice in the back of your head repeatedly telling you that you're a nobody who can't help anyone. That little voice is your Ego, and she will always try to bring you down. What diminishes the voice of Ego? Confidence!

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How I Can Help You

Because two forces are always stronger than one and you know... #GirlPower, we will eliminate the fear based thoughts that are holding you back. Together, we will create a plan that will help you to succeed on the journey you're meant to take. 

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Marissa Panè

I'm an INFJ who obsessively studies psychology and mindset work. I believe in crystals, angels, and tarot. My best friend is my adopted sister - a pitbull mix named, Georgia. I have a degree in communication design and a background in marketing, but my true passion is in the form of helping others; which is where this brand comes in! I'm a survivor of anorexia and I've recovered from depression and anxiety. You can typically find me typing away on my laptop in a coffee shop while sipping on a soy latte or if I'm home, I'm curled up on the couch with a book about spirituality, mental health or some crazy new topic that fascinates me.

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The Podcast

Marissa Panè is the host of Shining From The Shadows, a podcast for aspiring change makers who are committed to changing the world with their story and prioritize self-care above all else. 

Together we can change the world; but first, we must heal ourselves.
— Marissa Panè
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