1:1 coaching options


3-Month 1:1 Coaching Package
($3,500 USD)

For 3 (three) months we will work side-by-side to eliminate any frustration you're having in regards to your biz. We will implement smart marketing systems into your business so you can remember what it feels like to relax (Because yo, I get it! You probably don’t even know what you like to do for fun anymore other than work! ...Yeah, it’s been that long since you’ve had a break!) 

We will work together to create an ideal system customized to the needs of your business so you can have days where you stay in bed (and breathe while you’re at it!) while maintaining a thriving business.

Do you feel like you constantly have to keep changing your marketing strategy to stay current? Is all the online noise coming from every direction making you second guess your marketing decisions? Are you tired of feeling like you’re ALWAYS on step one? If you’re nodding yes, then this is exactly what you need.

One-on-one marketing advice, specific to your business for three full months… no distractions.

The 3-Month Coaching Package includes…

  • (3) three 90-minute work sessions per month
  • (3) three months of unlimited VIP email and Voxer access to me 
  • Lifetime access to a personalized Google Drive folder for collaboration purposes 
  • Worksheets and homework based on your specific needs
  • ALL of my marketing, design, and personal development knowledge available to you with a click of a button
  • Your very own personal cheerleader (that’s me!) rooting for you every step of the way
If you haven’t signed up for a 1:1 coaching sesh with Marissa, doooo it! During our chat, she directed me toward useful resources, threw in some social media strategy, and was really fun to work with. Overall, I came away with valuable info and was really impressed!
— Stacia of staciaashe.com

90-Minute Power Hour Intensive
($400 USD)

This option is made for the ladies who have no idea what’s going, who need a plan, and who need to take action, RIGHT NOW!

During our 90-minute session, we will spend 30-minutes creating an action plan for you prior to spending an hour laser-focused on ONE specific goal you have. You will leave the call with one task from your to-do list crossed off and it will feel AMAZING.

The 90-Minute Power Hour Intensive includes, (1) one 90-minute 1:1 video call, (7) seven days of unlimited VIP email & Voxer access to me, a personalized Google Drive folder for collaboration purposes which you have lifetime access to, and a personal cheerleader (that’s me!) rooting for you every step of the way.

Marissa is a lovely and sweet soul who has used her experiences both bad and good to help, people like me who want to start a business online but face some anxiety about the process and their inner self-worth.

I learned to trust my own opinion. The format of putting a personal blog post together and how to make my images round for profiles and how to structure an opt-in offer.

Her help is practical and supportive, she listens and gives help or advice when needed, and is very empathetic but not too sympathetic. I got swept up in her enthusiasm, she is also so real that she shares her struggles to illustrate points that might shed light onto any issues I had.

If I was as rich as the Kardashians I would hire her again, failing that I will be tuning into her podcast. The first episode of which seems like typical Marissa, kind, witty and insightful! Thank you, Hun, for all your help.
— Susan of Maven Culture Society