Turning Wisdom Into Words (TWIW) is a free 4 day email course that teaches you key lessons about HOW and WHY you should share your experiences living with mental illness.

In the course you're going to learn:

  • How to find a comfortable writing area to start pouring out the raw honest truth and nothing but the truth!

  • Key components of a tear jerking story which leaves lasting impressions while reducing the mental health stigma

  • A complete breakdown of who your audience is and how to adjust what you have to say accordingly and effectively

  • How to convert what you create into something that is best suited for your situation whether it be a speech, a video, a published writing piece, or all of the above!

  • And more!!

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Once you submit your information, you will receive an email from me in a matter of minutes with your first lesson. The following 3 days you'll be receiving actionable content at 11am on how to construct your own mental health story.

Hi there! I'm Marissa Panè, the voice behind SPIESFitToFight.

As a teenager I was diagnosed with clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder and my life was almost cut short due to a harsh battle with anorexia. Since restoring my mental health, I've made it my mission to help anyone and everyone avoid the suffering that accompanies mental illness.

It's time to eliminate the mental health stigma and it's time to radically love yourself and your life! Are you with me?