Using Your Wounds As Your Wisdom

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Empowered women, empower women. That’s the way it always should
be. I’m so sick of seeing women tear each other apart. Nothing is more heartbreaking than hearing women put each other down for their weight, their outward appearance, their relationship status, etc. As someone who was constantly bullied growing up, I didn’t even realize it was bullying. I thought it was part of life.

Fact check: Life is a beautiful wonderful experience and nothing in this world, and absolutely no one in this world, should make you feel differently.

If even for a moment, you’ve felt like life is less than need this free training.

Content Creation For The Soulpreneur Workbook

Your soul is craving something more, something fulfilling, something from your heart. Your intuition is telling you to be the change you wish to see in the world and your gut is telling you that it's time to create a purpose-based business.

You're a soulpreneur.

But where do you start on this journey?!

Inside the Content Creation For The Soulpreneur workbook, you will learn how to create content that fills your heart with love, while being strategic towards your business goals.

This 17-page workbook will guide you through the content creation process by:

✨ Choosing topics that resonate with your target audience

✨ Outlining your brilliant ideas into comprehensive storylines

✨ Transforming 1 idea into 22 different pieces of content

✨ Making your content so beautiful that people continuously crave more of it

✨ And more!!

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The Decaf Doers Playbook: $444.00

Inside DDP you will...

  • Create an action plan for taking as many mental health days as you need, guilt-free!
  • Develop a social media marketing plan to optimize your presence online
  • Access professional design knowledge to create an unforgettable, impactful brand
  • Discover holistic tools to enhance your mental health
  • Access done-for-you workflow templates
  • And SO much  more!

The Decaf Doers Playbook is the ultimate resource for entrepreneurial women with anxiety.