the self-love challenge starts, now!

Hi, babe! I'm so happy to see that you've made it here. Whether you stumbled across this page on your own or if you were directed here by someone in my amazing community of ambitious women with anxiety, just know that I truly appreciate the fact that you've dedicated the next few days to making some life-changing moves.


Day 1 - sunday

What better way to start a self-love challenge, than on self-love Sunday?! I've been dedicating Sunday's to self-care for quite some time now and I've been noticing more and more people on the internet focusing on self-loathing or not truly understanding the importance behind their self-worth. Which is exactly why I initiated this challenge! 

So, let's start this challenge off the right way and begin with a self-assessment. When you use the worksheet that accompany's today's lesson, please fill it out with as much honesty and vulnerability as possible. When you begin to get in touch with yourself, your truth, and what your core desires are, it may stir up some unpleasant emotions. Be strong, babe! You're a warrior and this is a necessary step if you wish to grow. 


day 2 - monday

Today is dedicated to the power of affirmations! The most powerful tool we have at our disposal for life changing results, are our thoughts. When we instill positive affirmations into our morning routines, our thoughts or our mindset, is automatically lifted into a higher vibration. This higher vibration acts as a catalyst for setting ourselves up for success. 



Tuesday Truthbomb!💣 We have the power to manifest everything that we desire in our lives. BUT we also have the power to manifest everything we don't want into our lives as well. During today's lesson, you will learn how to avoid creating a life of more of the same, and learn how to create the life you've only been dreaming about.