Marissa Pane - Confidence Coach For Change Makers

Oh hey, babe!

Does your soul crave a thriving heart-centered business?


I see you. You're dreaming of helping others while making your mark on the world, but your fear is holding you back from truly showing up and making an impact. 

No, honey - I'm not a mind reader.

I can just totally relate because I was in your shoes before a major awakening in 2015.

I was tired of dreaming big and not showing up to transform my dreams into my reality. 2015 marked the year I stopped playing small and stopped letting my fear of inadequacy define me.

Marissa Pane of coaches women who have survived rock bottom and are dedicated to transforming their mess into their message. Marissa gives you the tools to find your inner strength and helps you gain a new sense of courage so you can become the change maker you were born to be!

There are two ways we can work together...


Self-Study Courses

I strongly believe that you deserve time for self-care while you change the world. Which is exactly why I've created these self-paced online programs to help female entrepreneurs run a successful business while maintaining their mental health.


1:1 Coaching Sessions

I would be honored to call myself your coach, babe.
If you're interested in working together one on one, please click the button below to schedule a free 15-minute clarity call to discuss how I can best support you.

I work with women who have big hearts and even bigger dreams about becoming successful heart-centered entrepreneurs!

Together we can and WILL create your ideal lifestyle.
Your past experiences do not define you.