Oh hey, babe!

Does your soul crave a thriving heart-centered business?


I see you over there...dreaming of helping others while making your mark on the world. Too bad your anxiety is holding you back from truly showing up and making an impact. 

No, honey - I'm not a mind reader.

I can just totally relate because I was in your shoes before a major awakening in 2015.

I was tired of dreaming big and not showing up to turn my dreams into my reality. 2015 was the year I stopped playing small and stopped blaming my mental illness on my lack of success. Because let's be real... these excuses get you NO WHERE: 


"I'm too shy to give speeches." "My voice shakes and I hate seeing myself on camera." "When my depression hits, I shut down. There's no way I could possibly run my own successful business!" "I literally HATE talking to people on the phone, how could I ever make sales calls?" "Coach someone? I can barely coach myself into ordering the steak instead of the burger!"


The key to MY SUCCESS was implementing smart strategies into my business.

I know myself, and I know that when my mental health is not in check, I check out with it. There was no getting around that hurdle, so I made a business that works for ME. How did I do that? MARKETING STRATEGIES, BABY!

My biggest life-saver... AUTOMATION.
My secret weapon... SCHEDULING.
My money-maker... ONLINE COURSES.

this is how we can work together


Self-Study Courses

made For the ladies who always say "I've got this!!" You're a DIY pro and just want to dive headfirst into the course content, yo!

I strongly believe that you deserve time for self-care while you change the world. Which is exactly why I've created these self-paced online programs to help female entrepreneurs run a successful business while maintaining their mental health.


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Made for the ladies who want a little extra support 90-minutes of strategy + 7 days of vip access to me = life changing results

The 90-Minute Power Hour Intensive includes, (1) one 90-minute 1:1 video call, (7) seven days of unlimited VIP email / Facebook messenger / text (take your pick!) access to me, and a personalized Google Drive folder for collaboration purposes (lifetime access, yo!).


I work with women who have big hearts and even bigger dreams about becoming successful heart-centered entrepreneurs!

Together we can and WILL create your ideal lifestyle.
Your mental illness does not define you.